August 10, 2023

We welcome you to one of Quebec City’s best churches to enrich your spiritual life with the Word of God and be part of New Creature in Christ!

Our church is a humble dwelling place of God. We base our faith on the authority and power of the Holy Scriptures.

Visit our church, located in the heart of Quebec City; a place where we believe and preach the Word of God to demonstrate God’s love through concrete action in our society, which stands as an example of architectural work and spiritual comfort. When you enter our church, you’ll experience the power of the Holy Spirit, where faith, love, prayer, and God’s mercy triumph!

If you’re someone who’s looking for Jesus Christ to meet you at the point of your need and change your life for good, our Church in Quebec City is the best place for you.

Experience uplifting, Spirit-filled Worship

As one of the best churches in Quebec City, you’ll have a great time in God’s presence, reflecting on God’s Word to strengthen your faith, and developing a sense of community with many others.

Our church doors are open to all! We have a warm and welcoming team who are always ready to welcome you and help you nourish your spiritual life through the WORD OF GOD. Join us for a fellowship that changes lives and leads to a new path where peace and progress are the ultimate goals through Christ Jesus.

In addition to worship, our church offers a range of attractive programs and activities for individuals and families of all ages. The main mission of our activities is to teach everyone the Word of God, which brings people healing, miracles, and deliverance through the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. In addition, we promote social causes such as helping the underprivileged sections of society.

So, there’s something for everyone to discover and participate in at New Creature in Christ in Quebec City. Beyond our services, we strive to exist as a vibrant center of spiritual growth, wisdom, and compassion, and to extend our reach beyond the walls of our church and into the heart of Quebec City and all over the world.

Encounter God’s Presence at New Creature in Christ in Quebec City’s Best Church

Are you looking for peace and comfort in God’s dwelling place? New Creature in Christ in Quebec City is the place for you!

Our church has a lot to offer, from a cordial atmosphere to a strong-minded community that spreads kindness and friendship. As one of the famous churches in Quebec City, we strive to create a place where everyone from different fields and sections of society will come to encounter God’s presence.

Open your heart to discover God’s power through worship, teaching, and prayer that will change your life forever. Our mission is to offer everyone the opportunity to know and follow Jesus Christ. Everyone can become part of the family of the New Creature in Christ and receive the Gospel of salvation for their soul in Christ Jesus.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor exploring our city for its unique beauty and heritage, we invite you to experience God’s presence at New Creature in Christ, one of Quebec City’s most vibrant and spirit-filled churches.

You can even invite family members, friends, and loved ones to join you in this holy place and experience God’s mercy, love, and favor. Join us and become part of New Creature in Christ Church in Quebec City, where Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, brings hope, faith, peace, love, and the joy of salvation into our lives.

Be Part Of New Creature in Christ, A Vibrant Quebec Church Community

As one of the best-known churches in Quebec City, Canada, we have a passionate community of worshipers and leaders who work according to biblical standards of life and leadership, transforming people into disciples of Jesus Christ.

We continue to welcome people from all nations and help them, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to cultivate their spiritual lives through the Word of God.

We invite you to become a member of New Creature in Christ and dedicate your life to Jesus Christ. Remember that for those who believe in Jesus Christ, He gives them the authority to become children of God. By faith, you will become a new person born in God with the ability to change the lives of others, nations, and the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Indeed, our goal is to transform people into responsible citizens by promoting progress in our society and the world. By becoming a member of our community, your life will never be the same again, in Jesus’ name!

Draw Closer To God and Bring New Hope To Your Life

Our greatest goal is to introduce people to God and teach them to be like Him. As the Bible says, “As He is, so are we in this world.” We’re here to help you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, discover who God has created you to be. We believe that by reading this message, God is meeting you at the point of need, in Jesus’ name.

Stay attached to God, and get to know Him more and more, for He, Jesus Christ alone is your personal Savior, Lord, and Redeemer. We hope to see you at New Creature in Christ in Quebec City and be part of our great family.

Stay in Faith and Shalom.

As He IS, So We Are!!!